Make better design decisions. Visualize your design as you develop your circuit schematic

Animate Preview gives you quick, easy and accurate physical information about your analog circuit while you develop your schematic, giving you detailed visualizations of your circuit and helping you to spot problems, so you can make better decisions earlier in your design flow and reduce iterations.

Animate your


Preview your design

Visualize your design from the schematic

Animate Preview enables circuit engineers to see the physical effects of their design decisions. An accurate preview of your circuit is automatically created and updated as you edit the schematic.

Accelerate your design process

Reduce design iterations between circuit engineers and layout. Animate Preview enables circuit engineers to optimize device parameters e.g. m-factor to achieve better circuit performance and physical packing.

Area estimates you can trust

Animate Preview obeys DRC and process rules to give you early and accurate physical previews of your design. Animate Preview considers multiple layout topologies to create previews with several aspect ratios, widths and heights.


Animate your 


Animate Preview works while you edit your circuit schematic, automatically keeping up to date with your changes. Physical previews are generated when you load a schematic and each time you check and save. Animate preview automatically recognises common analog circuit topologies, e.g. current mirrors and differential pairs etc. then intelligently places devices to achieve matching symmetry and flow of the critical paths in your circuit. The preview window is embedded in your existing schematic editor and shows the results as you work. You can expand the window to see more detail and information. Selecting instances in the schematic cross probes to the preview, allowing you to see their position. An area report shows the Animate Preview area, width, height and aspect ratio.


Animate your


Simplify your design flow with Animate Preview and remove costly iterations between circuit design and layout teams. Automatically generated, physical previews enable you to optimize circuit device parameters for layout without needing to iterate with your layout team to draw a layout view. Spot sub-optimal parameterizations, accidentally mismatched devices and devices with bad layout shapes in seconds. Animate Preview obeys your process DRC rules and inserts dummy devices, guard-rings and taps where necessary. Communicate clearly with your layout teams by saving a blueprint view to help communicate design intent.


Animate your 


Accelerate your timeline with Animate Preview. Physical information that would normally take hours or days to generate is automatically available to circuit engineers in seconds. Animate Preview accelerates your design process by removing slow iterations from your flow and giving you instant feedback on your design decisions. Don’t wait for layout teams, often working on multiple competing projects, to find the time to create an initial layout. Get accurate size, width, height and area estimations in seconds. Check your design, catch the problems and optimize your circuit parameters ready for layout the first time around.


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We are currently working hard to get Animate Preview ready. Animate Preview is arriving in the autumn/fall of 2020 and will initially support design teams working with TSMC planar processes (i.e. 180nm - 22nm). 

Our early adopter program is now open. If you would like to find out more about being an early adopter please select the checkbox on the form below.

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